An engagement is the first step towards your marriage. For such event, considering the venue is pretty important. Not just the venue, the decoration, invitations, everything has to be perfect. You only marry once, so you need to make it the best day of your life.

But if you did consider hiring something like private function rooms Melbourne for this event, you may want to remember that the place does come with its own design which is made to not just suite a wedding but also other events like conferences and such. So you need to be a bit careful when styling for your event. To help you out on creating the perfect place for you engagement with some styling tips.

  • So if the room you are hiring has floors with patterns or permanent artwork around the place with bright wall papers. You do not want to go with something heavy with your color scheme, without trying to go against it, try blending your color scheme to the place. If you do try to go with more patterns or more colors for your event, then it may clash with the original design and the outcome could be pretty bad. So instead, try going for a more soothing color and no contrasting patterns, go for colors like white and green. Such colors complement each other and at the same time bring out an amazing look to place.
  • While the colors will be going alongside with your color scheme, consider having your flowers in the engagement venues Melbourne to make an eye catching impact. And for that, one style I personally love is to have the floral centerpieces to a considerably tall height and have them arranged big.
  • Many people today, try to cover the patterns and the prints in the venue, but even if you don’t have, you could consider draping the room with fabric. This will actually give a complete different look to your event. You could either cover the entire place with fabric, i suggest you take while to get the clean and elegant look. But if could give a whole new look and space if you only drape the ceiling, and this looks comes even if your venue was not printed.
  • If your venue has a lot of space available, I suggest you create the place to have a lounge with a couple of sofas and a coffee table or maybe have a couple of cocktail tables come in. you could divide the place with fabric, and I can assure you that, this will give a pretty warm and cozy look to the entire place.
Tips On Transforming A Venue To An Engagement Event