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Are you planning to get married soon? Celebrate a birthday or a graduation? Then here are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding where to hold the celebration.


The place that you choose should be easily accessible via both public transport and private transport. Under normal circumstances, people will not go through excessive trouble to attend a celebration (unless you are a celebrity or something!). 

Different spaces

Look for a venue which offers different function spaces depending on the size of the gathering so that you will not have too much space or too little.

For example, you may have chosen the most beautiful place out of all available 50th birthday venues Fairfield to hold your mother’s birthday party but your choice will not be appreciated by the attendees if they have to squeeze in. So, if the venue you chose has different spaces in addition to being the most beautiful place you have set your eyes on, you can select the one which suits your needs the best without having to look for a new place altogether.

Food and beverages

The venue of choice should have a variety of menus to choose from so that you may decide on the one which will be appreciated by the guests. The beverages should be selected depending on the invitees and check with the venue beforehand if you have special requirements such as a private bar to be set up for the event.

Entertainment and decorations

Look for a place which will allow you to have your own decorations and entertainment. It would be helpful if the staff can assist you in erecting the decorations and giving feedback on the decorations (without forcing their opinion on you) as they know the place the best and know what can hang better where.


Remember, you are planning a party, so no matter how popular the venue is for offering awesome meeting rooms for hire and how may successful business meetings you have held there; it will not suit your purpose.The point is you need to make sure that the place you select has the proper facilities. They should be able to cater to your needs; not require you to adjust to what they have to offer.

Parking facilities are essential for any event. Better if you can have valet parking but, if not, see that they have adequate parking space.


One of the deciding factors of the success of an event, which is always overlooked, is the quality of the staff in the chosen function venue. They should be hospitable, helpful and should have experience in handling similar events so that your function will not be converted into a training session for them.


Selecting The Perfect Venue