When we invite someone to our nuptial ceremony we are inviting them to come and enjoy the event, sharing our happiness with us. That includes offering them a good dining experience as well. While we think about the menu for the event to provide them with good food we should also think about the dining table arrangements we make. All the guests are going to be seated at these tables. Those are also going to be the places where they get to eat their food. To make sure everything is in the right order to make the guests comfortable during the event we have to take care of every little detail about the dining table choices from the centrepiece hire to the cutlery and plates we choose. Go here https://www.weddingstylingsydney.com.au  for more information about wedding event stylist. 

Size of the Dining Table

The size of the dining table matters a lot. Your seating arrangement is going to be based on the size of the dining table. Usually, we use a number of small tables at the nuptial ceremony venue. Depending on the kind of the table we choose the number of people we can seat at the each table with change. Of course, when we are selecting tables we have to think about the size of the venue too. If the venue is too small selecting large tables is not going to be a good idea. There should be a balance between the tables and the venue.


Just keeping the tables in the right places and surrounding them with chairs is not going to be enough. These tables play a key role in creating the atmosphere of the ceremony. Therefore, we have to think about the décor we choose for them. The table clothes and every ornament we use on them matter. Especially, the central ornament we choose for the table is going to play an important role as that is going to be the one linking the tables to the theme of the event. Therefore, we have to be extra careful with the wedding centrepiece hire Sydney. Choose this central ornament considering the theme you are going for and the colours you have chosen.

Cutlery and Plates

The cutlery and the plates you choose for the occasion matters too. Usually, the caterer or the venue provider is going to offer them to you. You should consult with them and select the right ones in the right colours and designs to suit your nuptial theme. Connecting with the right providers of these items will help you to create wonderful dining tables for your nuptial ceremony.

Dining Table Choices For A Nuptial Ceremony